Operational Services

Consultancy and on-going Operational Services for successful online and retail gaming companies.

Why should you engage Mediatech?

Mediatech’s operational services division provides a stress free solution to the day-to-day customer facing elements of your gaming operation including: Campaign Management, Customer Services, Payments and Fraud.

Our approach is not a ‘one size fits all’ model, we look at the scope of your operation, your strategy and aspirations in the market and provide a solution which grows with your business.

Mediatech has extensive experience in the services provided, not only as a platform provider interlinking with third party systems and companies, but as operators ourselves in previous lives; we fundamentally understand all the ins-and-outs around operational management of a gaming business.

  • A gaming operation requires a considerable investment just to get to launch (time, licenses, technology, people, content, marketing etc…), it is important to bring the risk out of this phase of the operation.
  • The cost of player acquisition can be significant; effective Operational Services ensure that that gaming companies optimally leverage these acquisition costs to ensure player retention is high.
  • Sub-optimal Operational procedures and systems not only lead to a slower take-up of revenues, but lead to significantly higher costs (mostly hidden costs) that directly affect the bottom-line of the business
  • Value-add of Operational Services is not just about improving revenues (effective marketing strategies etc.), but on savings costs as well to generate a better bottom-line
  • Mediatech Solutions Operational Services are relevant for new and exsisting operators. Our neutrality and integrity ensure that we can deliver these services, regardless of whether we also deploy our world class PAS platform.

Our experience covers online and land-based operations and we have lived through the different stages of technology ourselves.

Our team has experience not only in gaming environments, but also Tourism, Telco, Insurance and Public Administrations, adding best practices from other sectors to your day-to-day business.

We continuously invest in human capital as we understand this makes a crucial difference in the performance of our team, and the results you get.

Our service levels and attention for detail are outstanding; we not only focus on the operational service provided, we make sure that all the connections to other areas of the operation are covered and taken care of; eliminating gaps and overlaps and creating a watertight operation.

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