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IRIS Retail

IRIS Retail (Formerly called Candy) is a new and innovative class-leading product from Mediatech Solutions, providing a seamless extension of its core platform IRIS as a convergent solution for land-based and online real money gaming.

However IRIS Retail does not just provide online operators with a simple way to deliver its content to land-based terminals, it also provides a modern and powerful solution to manage pure land based gaming.

By leveraging a flexible and dynamic approach to content delivery, game content can be managed and customised in real time based on campaigns, feedback from the fully detailed financial reports or simply the desire to provide the best content on the market to players.

Managed by an easy to use web based back-office and coupled with 24-7 support from Mediatech’s experts, it has never been safer and easier to take on the land-based gaming market.

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IRIS Retail has been designed in line with Mediatech’s philosophy of an agnostic approach to integrations, providing operators with the greatest levels of flexibility on the market. The IRIS Retail platform allows operators to serve content from any number of game providers and any type of game content: sports betting, slots, table games, live casino, etc.

IRIS Retail communicates directly to the operator’s terminal through an ever-growing array of custom-built device communication drivers. IRIS Retail’s on-demand updates provide the gateway to deliver new device drivers and game integrations when required, based on market and operator demand.

IRIS Retail caters for multiple touch and non-touch screens and both video and game content can be displayed to provide an innovative space to market operator’s or venue’s products or services.


IRIS Retail is able to accept payments through a variety of methods, including cash in via a note reader or coin accepter, credit tickets, a POS cash deposit or via an operator’s website. With a rigorous set of fail-overs, limits and security measures, Candy’s payment acceptance is safe and flexible, allowing for all configurations currently in the market.


IRIS Retail can cater for both anonymous and registered play and offers a number of authentication methods for different venue types and operator configurations. The platform allows players to login by entering their username and password on the terminal, by using contactless RFID cards and chips, or by swiping a magnetic strip card.


IRIS Retail can be configured with a variety of withdrawal methods to help reduce burden on venue staff, or increase player retention with simple, fast ways for players to cash in.

Operators can customise credit ticket design with promotions or advertising, and can customise expiry times.

Responsible Gaming

Like all of Mediatech’s products, complete compliance with local regulation is at the forefront of our product development strategy. IRIS Retail can cater for a variety of limits including session spend, game time and bet size and works closely with game providers to ensure regulatory compliance is carried through the whole user experience.

Always up to date

IRIS Retail communicates to PAS via an application stored on the terminal. Mediatech is able to automatically update this software whenever an update is available to ensure that operators always have the latest software version, with no need for costly maintenance staff.


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