IRIS Atlas

IRIS Atlas brings intelligence to your business through remarkable data analytics and insights.

IRIS Atlas is a Data Warehouse combined with a suite of analysis tools to analyse hundreds of data points in your operations and provide deep insights. IRIS Atlas works seamlessly with IRIS however it is an independent module and can be integrated with any platform.

Feature Highlights

  •  Visualization
    • BI tools:
      • Fully Interactive, truly beautiful and responsible, allows final users create their own reports and analysis.
      • Embeddable into other systems.
      • Real time graphs if the source is available.
    • Reporting:
      • Natural language querying, Marketing, Fraud, Financial, Dashboards, etc.
      • Data mining: OLAP cubes, SQL queries for both relational and non-relational data, R, etc.
    • Iris Atlas tools
      • Based on Machine Learning
        • Granting Bonus Simulator
        • Bonus ROI
        • Anomalies detection, E.g: Player gambling with a different pattern.
        • Payments conciliation
        • Prediction: Churn rate, Early VIP detection, Withdraw Fraud , Non-responsible gaming, LTV estimator, Clustering / segmentation (ML), Recommendations to players.
      • Based on Cognitive services
        • Trained Automatic decision making (having in consideration info from several systems, can execute commands trough APIs)
        • Triggering and alerts
        • Natural language analysis (trace unhappy players in the chats)
        • Document Image verification: ID cards numbers, names, etc.
    • IRIS Atlas API & ETL
    • IRIS Atlas profiler for permissions and user’s activity

Example Use Cases

  • Regulatory reporting.
  • Historic win and loss mental barriers per player, for real time actions.
  • A player in the deposit page for more than 5 minutes without depositing, must trigger an action.
  • Website reporting represented in a Brick and mortar Casino floor plans.
  • Which slot games should we buy? Which segment should increase revenues? Analyse the revenues per slot number of lines, rails number, maximum bet, device type, appearance classification, etc.
  • What is the effect of promoting a game in the home-screen of a retail terminal? The distance to the entrance door? The terminal HW devices, the seat type, etc. to the revenue, session length…
  • How can I break down the sales Budget? By segment, games, number and length of sessions, registrations and visits, etc
  • How can I reduce costs? How to redistribute capture channels
  • KPI for the Social networks team, VIP manager, UX team, Customer service team, etc.
  • Real time dashboards (if the source is available)


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