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Your world-class one stop development shop.

If you're looking for gambling technology experts, you've come to the right place. After 7 years of developing very complex gaming platform technology, Mediatech is now able to offer all the benefits of its experience to its customers.

Where it's a custom gaming platform, a unique sports-betting platform, native mobile applications or something from your wildest dreams, Mediatech's Bespoke Gaming Development Services are second to none.

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Why Mediatech?

Mediatech has built and delivered world class gambling technology for a variety of clients over the years including retail sports betting software, game servers with RNGs and custom betting products.

Mediatech excels in delivering these three types of bespoke development projects;

  1. Fixed scope projects with fixed budgets, which are generally short-term.
  2. Flexible mid-term projects with a budget range and good understanding of scope.
  3. Dedicated agile product development teams for long-term projects, where the final specifications are flexible and the product strategy can pivot.

Mediatech deeply understands and embraces technology. From the Support Team to the CEO, we live and breath software development.

Our Approach to Technology

Whether it’s agile or waterfall; scrum, kanban or scrumban; sprints, epics or long backlogs; Mediatech has experienced and mastered world-class software delivery using world-class methodologies.

Our approach to technology is flexible and state-of-the-art, having utilised a variety of frameworks, however we excel in Java and .NET for backend technology and Angular and React for frontend frameworks.

We utilise a team of DevOps for efficient deployment processes, a balance of development and QA engineers for high quality work and Product Owners and Scrum Masters for turning your strategy into the best possible product.

We're not ashamed to call ourselves software development experts.


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